My Story


I’m kind of pear shaped, a little prickly at times and just moved back to Arizona.

Welcome to The Prickly Pear!

This is a blog about real family life, not one out of a perfectly staged glossy magazine article. This is about real food, real budgets, real messes, real life.

This is  a place where I like to obsess about things, share my journey to living a healthier life (while I drag my family along), give any DIY project a try, remember to enjoy the moment more and dream about the day I will have all of my children’s photographs scrapbooked in an album (at least by the time they have children of their own!).


1. I have three beautiful children, a very handy husband and one lazy cat.

2. Even though I’ve moved around a little bit and have settled back in Arizona, I’m truly a small-town girl at heart, I grew up in a little town in the middle of Iowa; our town’s claim-to-fame is the 100 year old working antique carousel and the Story Theatre/Grand Opera House which happens to be the oldest continuously operating theater in the Midwest and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. I was named after an old black and white movie that my parents saw when my mother was pregnant with me, “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death”. And then they couldn’t come up with a middle name for me.

4. I love all things crafty, I’ve tried just about everything out there at least once and have the stash to prove it.

5. Someday I want to write a novel.

6. I believe you should celebrate life and tell your story.

7. Just because 7 is my favorite number (as well as 3).

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